Hot Yoga is AMAZEballs

Credit ABC News

Credit ABC News

Yup. You heard me right. Hot yoga is AMAZEballs, and I am obsessed. My dear friend and co-conspirator on this blog introduced me a few days ago. I have practiced Yoga before, but never in this way. I admit, I was petrified at first. Would I remember the poses? Frog pose? Downward dog? Cobra? Warrior III pose? I haven’t done Yoga in a class type setting in years. Heat? Really. How hot is it? Would I get dehydrated, pass out, die? BUT I did it, I took the plunge. With only a few minutes to get to the Yoga studio we dashed to Old Navy to get some Yoga clothes. Old Navy was crazy. There was a sale on sports bras. I learned this at the register. SO, I dashed to the back to get the two for one bras. Within minutes, I slammed my money on the counter. I felt like I was on a TV show. But, we got to Yoga.

OMG! The studio my friend found is pure nirvana. Another friend of mine told me that you will know when you find your studio. Its like falling in love with your spouse. Instant attraction. I think this studio is the love of my life. So I signed up and went into the sauna. After an hour and a half of vinyasa flows, downward dogs and table poses I emerged a new person. I felt like I had just ascended into hot heaven. Is this what being high is like? I’m in.

So, while I will never do a pose like this dude: iyengar_bks I’m hooked. On the schedule for this summer, in addition to hot yoga, will be yoga in the park and yoga on the beach. Bring on summer.


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