PRODUCT REVIEW: “That’s it.” Fruit Bars.


Friends and followers, I am introducing a new topic on our blog: Product Reviews. In my quest for clean eating and a healthy lifestyle I found my way into Whole Foods Market, the Mecca of whole living. I am in love with Whole Foods (sorry husband). So, I decided to do a product review on occasion. Today, we are reviewing “That’s it.” Fruit bars.

These bars are DELICIOUS. They contain only two ingredients: Apples and another fruit. “That’s it,” get it. All that is in these bars is fruit. NO Nuts. They are gluten free, all natural, kosher, vegan and raw. They do not contain any preservatives, have a decent shelf-life, 5g of fiber, non-fat and one of my personal favorites: Non GMO.

These fruit bars are designed to give you two servings of fruit, the recommended daily allowance (I always eat more than that.) They bars are made in the USA. According to the company’s website, “That’s it. ® was founded to improve the quality of life of children and adults worldwide by making fruit and its benefits accessible to people everywhere. Through education, focused research, sustainability and ethical practices, That’s it’s. ® mission is to provide products to improve, protect and restore the body. Our journey starts with That’s it. ® fruit bars. A product that focuses on fruit and delivers unprecedented taste, texture and cleanliness of ingredients listed on the product label. That’s It. ® bars grew from the idea that nature knows best. We agree. We believe that adding a bunch of extra stuff to natural fruit only takes away from the purity and balance that nature intended.”

I have tasted all of them and they are all delicious, The apple/pineapple bar has no fat, no cholesterol, no sodium, 24g of carbohydrates and no protein. The website tells us that the apple/pineapple bar is: “Low in calories, Rich in dietary fiber which decreases cholesterol levels, No fat or cholesterol, Rich in Vitamin C, Thiamine and Vitamin B-6, Minerals: Magnesium, Folate, Niacin and Iron.”

I found these bars in the energy bar section of my Whole Foods for $1.89. For a good, healthy, nutritious and quick snack on the go I would highly recommend these.



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