I Want to be a Crow.


This is not me in the picture. Just another AMAZING yogi who can get into crow pose. Yes, I am a jealous yogi.

I want to be a crow. I am a jealous yogi (or actually I just learned that a woman is called a yogini — although I prefer yogi.) With the help of my super awesome yoga teacher, Marsha, for a split millisecond of time, a millisecond of a millisecond, I was able to get into crow pose before I fell on my face. Marsha lovingly helped hold me up and like I said, a millisecond after she walked away I slammed my face into the mat. Flat face in my mat I looked up around the room to see most of my fellow yogis (and yoginis) in crow pose. Sad face for me. Marsha then says ‘remember, its about you and your practice, not other people.’ While I know I should be channeling my inner peace and balance, in that one instant I am one very DAMN jealous yogi. I want to master crow pose. I want to hold it for more than a millisecond without help. So, during shavasana (meditative practice) I resolved to become a crow. Now you can find me once a day, on my living room floor with the dog bed in front of me getting into crow. I will do it. I will become one with the crow and include the pose in my boudoir photos. For now, I have Marsha to thank for that split millisecond of fame before I became a jealous yogi.



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