Keepin’ it Real and Cookin’ with Auntie Fee

Culinary goddess Auntie Fee makin something fuckin sweet for the kids. Photo from newsprint.

Culinary goddess Auntie Fee makin something fuckin sweet for the kids. Photo from newsprint.

Auntie Fee is an American YouTube personality, host, celebrity chef and cinematographer. She is the creator and host of Auntie Fee’s Cooking Show on YouTube. I have been quite dissatisfied with the current quality of chefs and cooking shows on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel, but now the world has Auntie Fee. I don’t know what we have done to deserve this culinary extraordinaire. Not even a drunk Rachel Ray or Sandra Lee could teach a family “How to feed seven people with just $3.35.”

The chefs from the finest culinary institutes of the world ain’t got nothin on Auntie Fee. She is our messiah, our Christlike savior, our new Julia Childs, who will teach you that you too, can cook for fine dining. Auntie Fae is incredibly wise and clever, she isn’t a selfish basic bitch, she shares her pearls of wisdom, “ kids and fat people like lots of cheese.”

Auntie Fee finally opened up her Youtube outlet with culinary keepin it real talk on July 30, 2014. Since then, she is now the crescent roll, cinnamon, sugar buttered, pan-fried, sweet treat for hundreds and thousands of viewers on the internet. And don’t even screw up on your math because Auntie Fee will rip your head off like she did to her poor nephew Tavis who couldn’t calculate the price value of one packet of Top Ramen that she bought. She tells it like it is sista and uses the bests descriptors. “Punk ass cinnamon roll. Cut that motherfucker breast up, put it in. Oh look this bitch is ready!”

If you are looking for something sweet and shit for the fuckin’ kids, Auntie Fee has the perfect treat for your little ones. Don’t let your kids be like her nephew Tavis and ask irrelevant questions like what it is that she’s cooking because she doesn’t know what the fuck it is. It’s just something sweet for the fuckin kids, alright? Back the fuck off!

Auntie Fee Makin Somethin Fuckin Sweet for the Kids and Baked Chicken.


One comment

  1. ejoycem · December 28, 2014

    Ever perpetuating the ignorance through this caricature of African America stereotype. She’s not “keeping it real” — this here is not the reality of the majority.

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