A Mini-Vacation in Pictures: Re-living my childhood at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

My husband and I just returned from a short (mini) vacation in Delaware, specifically Rehoboth Beach. I spent all my childhood summers there from about 4 years old until I was 21. Now with my busy schedule I am lucky to make it down for a visit. We arrived Monday night, I worked (from home Tuesday) and we left on Friday evening. I was able to relive some of the greatest moments of my childhood while creating new memories of adulthood with my husband, the beer aficionado. I also met up with a dear friend of mine from New York who was vacationing with her family in Bethany Beach, DE. All in all, it was a great vacation, but much too short. Rehoboth … until next time.


A seagull catching some sun by the ocean.


Mmm… Maryland blue crabs steamed with Chesapeake bay seasoning. The only place to go in Rehoboth is Lazy Susan’s on Rte. 1 and you can bring your dog!!


16 Mile Brewery – Georgetown, DE … good beer.

Arenas Beer

Arena’s bar and deli. Featured in the show ‘Brew Dogs’, a lot of fun times there while I was in college, and excellent nachos.


A new stop on our beach tour, the Pickled Pig Pub. Featured on the ‘brew dogs’ show, excellent beer list and really good food.


Casapulla’s deli. Best.Hoagie.Ever.


An original Grotto Pizza. I used to work there, and it is still as good as ever. Wish they would expand to Connecticut!


The new home of Nicola Pizza. Jesus, I love their Nic-o-boli. The trip is worth it just for one of these.


Dairy Queen in Lewes, DE overlooking the bay. I didn’t get to Kings Ice Cream, but I did have my resses pieces blizzard. Still as good as I remember.


3rd Wave Brewing company, Delmar, DE. Featured on ‘brew dogs’ and a fun new stop.


Mispillion River Brewing Company, Milford, DE. My husband’s favorite stop.



Ahhhh, Dogfish Head, ’nuff said… Namaste is the best. My husband would disagree.




The ‘new’ avenue — much more gentrified than my childhood.

rehoboth-DSC_0014 (2)

Of course, the beach. Not this busy when we were there.


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