I Love A Good Thunderstorm ~ Keeping Tabs on Boardwalk Empire.

Heavy Downpour --- Image by © Anthony Redpath/Corbis

Heavy Downpour — Image by © Anthony Redpath/Corbis

Remember the ’90s song by Garbage, “I’m only happy when it rains”? Well, I am not just happy when it rains, I can find joy in about anything, but I really do LOVE a good thunderstorm. Tonight, I just finished making dinner, it was bright and sunny, then all of a sudden it starts getting dark, darker and then the thunderstorm rolls in. Boom. Bang. Lightening, Thunder, Crash. My dog runs for cover as the room gets eerily dark and the rain starts beating down. As thunder is booming and rain is pelting down, I get into my comfy PJ’s, a tee-shirt and long boxer pants from Old Navy and settle onto the couch with either a good book or TV show/movie. Tonight, I chose to catch up on one of my favorite HBO shows, Boardwalk Empire. I have four episodes of Season 4 left and am catching up in anticipating of Season 5’s première. As the lightening crashes, bang.bang.bang, a war begins on Boardwalk Empire.

boardwalk_empire-1024x682 The new season begins tomorrow, and the burning question is… Will Nucky die? I am still getting over the death of Jimmy Darmody. Is Boardwalk Empire going to fall in line with the Sopranos? Here is a summary of latest ‘news’ surrounding the première.

Season 5 picks up not where Season 4 left off, but seven years later, in 1931, the end of prohibition. In this season of only eight episodes, the writers have dug further into Nucky Thompson’s past to show how he went from his poor childhood to become the most powerful man in Atlantic City. “It’s interesting to explore how Nucky became who he became, and the many flashbacks show a lot of different influences, and things he’s present for and participates in,” John Ellison Conlee, who joins the series as the Commadore in 1884, told The Hollywood Reporter about the upcoming season. So, will Nucky die? According to CBS News, Steve Buscemi (who plays Nucky) has hinted that a moment of self-reflection could be deadly for the character.

Boardwalk Empire, like True Blood, is entering it’s final season. Time Magazine has reported that while some fans might be sad about the end of Boardwalk Empire, the series has run a respectable course. Producer Terence Winter felt it was important not to abuse the show’s audience by stringing along the show for several more seasons. The end of Prohibition and entering the Great Depression seems like a natural endpoint for a series focused on the historical content of the roaring twenties. Offering up real closure and suggesting it might be the time to end the show, the ending is done in a very methodical mobster way.

Yes, but will we expect a Sopranos ending? Will Nucky die? Nucky is based on real-life NJ gangster Nucky Johnson, who played a critical role in the criminal dealings of Atlantic City during prohibition. It is uncertain, however, whether the fictional Nucky will follow history or forge his own path during the last few episodes. “We know from The Sopranos that there’s no guarantee of neat ending from Terence Winter. The Sopranos finale is one of the most controversial moments in television history, as the beloved and influential show ended on an ambiguous note that left fans guessing what really happened to Tony and his family. It doesn’t seem like Boardwalk Empire will go a similar route, which is good both for fans’ peace of mind and for the Sopranos comparisons that inevitably have plagued the series since its beginning. Winter has said that he wants the show to feel like its story has been finished when it ends. “I hope they feel they’ve been told a really fun, exciting, emotionally complete story. I hope they’ll feel satisfied, like when you’ve closed the last page of a great novel,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. While that by no means rules out surprises, it does seem like Boardwalk Empire won’t end on a cliffhanger.” (http://wallstcheatsheet.com/entertainment)

I am looking forward the ending of Boardwalk Empire. I want to see what will happen to Nucky, Eli, Gillian, Chalky… as the last few episodes of season 4 wind down with the thunder, I will settle in with anticipation.


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