PRODUCT REVIEW: Epic Bison-Bacon-Cranberry Bar


Today I am reviewing the Epic Bison-Bacon-Cranberry Bar from Epic Company ( These bars are weirdly delicious. I found them in the protein bar section of my Whole Foods. I didn’t know what to think. Protein bars are all about fruit and nuts… sometimes they are grainy, but that is the comfort that I have come to expect in a good protein bar. So, steps in Epic meat bars. Weird and strange. At first I thought eeewww gross. But I committed to a product review so I kept going. To my surprise the second, third, fourth bite so on was actually really good. When you finally get through the fact that this is a meat bar, the taste is original.

So, a little bit about Epic. There website lists the following about their meat bars: “The EPIC bar is a 100% grass fed animal based protein bar designed as nature intended. Paleo friendly, gluten free, and low in sugar, we believe that EPIC foods should inspire EPIC health.” In addition to bison, Epic also has beef, lamb, and turkey bars. They seem to be paired with flavors that compliment the meat. The bison is paired with cranberry, a fall type pairing. Lamb is paired with mint — very classic.

Epic’s founders and owners are Taylor and Katie. According to their website, Taylor and Katie decided on Epic after a ‘boot camp’ vacation to create something sustainable that they craved. Katie asked “What if there was a whole foods snack, low in sugar, high in nutrients, and loaded with protein and healthy fat?” I thought for a moment, and simply answered, “That would be epic!”

Epic bars are healthy. Epic animals are grass fed. Grass fed animals pass loads of nutrition on to humans. “Grass-fed animals are loaded with higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which are better for both cardiovascular health and contain anti-inflammatory properties. They also have significantly higher values of vitamins A and E as well as antioxidants.” While nutritious what I like most about Epic bars is that their animals received the most humane treatment. From the Epic website: “We believe that EPIC animals should always live pasture-centered lives where turkeys forage, pigs wallow, and buffalo roam. This is the way nature intended animals to be and we see ourselves as leaders in recognizing the value of sustainable and responsible animal welfare practices.”

So, while I liked this bison meat bar from Epic, when choosing a protein bar, I will probably stick with my comfortable mealy fruit and nuts. But, this one is not bad. I’d give it 3.5 stars.


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