Kirby Hill Farm Wedding New YorkWelcome to my world of fun, laughter, love and of course beer! I am a wife to a commercial beer brewer. And yes, its a pretty cool life to have. We are a family that focuses on the finer “beer” in life… we live, breathe and drink beer. But wait, I know what your thinking… a blog about beer, what am I in college still? No, this blog isn’t just beer, its about how beer has changed my life and how it can change yours. It’s about my quest for health, vitality, love and life. Its about my life as a brewer’s wife. It’ll all be here. ENJOY!

**Any views expressed on this blog/website are our own personal views and are not endorsed or supported by, and do not necessarily express or reflect the views, positions or strategies of myself or anyone, including but not limited to people on blog, companies reviewed and other blogs and websites mentionned.**


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